Top 7 Best Balancing Board Brands in 2017



Balancing board are instruments using hard, flat top that a person stands on and an unstable rounded bottom for exercising swift movement and balance. Balance boards can help in sports training, exercise, fitness, and rehabilitation other benefits include coordination training.

Below are the best companies manufacturing quality balancing board brands to consider when buying one.


View-do company manufactures performance balancing board and has 20 years’ experience in the industry. The company has a unique track on the board bottom made of a roller with a groove cut. Therefore, it can ride on the underside of the board on the road.

This allows the board to simulate the carving feeling in board sports and make spins and rotations, unlike other traditional boards. It is a perfect choice for board sports as it mimics movements necessary in the game. The board has a unique style of balance that helps you improve your skills.


The Indo Board Company manufactures quality boards and rollers for various applications such as sporting activities and fitness purposes. The board has less surface area of contact with the roller making spinning easier.

You can do 180 or 360 degree turns easily. You can ride parallel with the roller. You can easily make the fulcrum point move with various aerial techniques. The board allows you to make constant movements while in full control which gives you great fun moments.


Fitterfirst manufacturers boards with the flexible standing platform and features non-marking foal legs that allow easy movements and lends cushioning when standing. The company repairs defects in material and artistry and offers warrants for their equipment including fitter first boards.

The board has a decorative appeal with foam pads for leg durability. You can reposition the foam feet anytime or moment by just attaching them to the velcro strips in one line. This makes the board wobbly and gives your more stability.


Revolution board manufacturers specialize in surf lifestyle clothing, high-end surfboards, surf gear, skate boards and skate footwear products. The company aims at improving balance and prevents sweeps. It is a great board for balance training, and even someone with no background in balance training can significantly benefit.

The board helps better your balance irrespective of whether you do skating, surfing or yoga. The board is also easy to use, set up and give you good exercise. It is affordable in comparison to other brands and offers quality balance training.


RiversEdge makes boards with custom edge design that features various designs. The board enables you to make a 360-degree twist, and it is easy to use. It has full textured rubber top to enhanced safe use.

It is most suitable for strength training and other different kinds of motion exercises. The board can be utilized alone or in pairs. The rotational disc can also be used. The board has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds.


TheraBand is one of the leading board manufacturing companies. They make boards for a no-slip surface that makes it safe for exercise. You can put the board in various positions like squatting down, getting up and staying balanced. The board works with ankles, knees, low back and calves. The board can tilt in one dimension at a time hence you can position it in different ways to vary your exercising.

TheraBand is ideal for physical therapy as it is easy to maintain your balance. The board is lightweight and makes no Sound. This makes it convenient to use when doing workouts. The board provides a perfect way to rehab your core muscles and do squats. It engages well the abdominal core. It is affordable hence budget friendly


Infomercial Company is responsible for the manufacturing of Simply Fit board. The company has vast covers production, marketing, customer service, and operations. It produces high-quality products. The naturally fit board is a flexible exercise device that strengthens the core muscles and helps trim waist fat using the board design to enhance workouts. The board comes in various sizes and shapes.

The board has many advantages such as helping prevent falls, strengthening muscles, rehabilitating injuries, conditioning the body and improving postural and stability alignment. You can use the board to reduce the risk of having an ankle injury by 50 percent during rehabilitation. The only fit board can hold a maximum weight of 400 pounds. The board is very affordable and easily available in most online stores. It is a portable and lightweight product that tones down your core, abs and strengthens your legs.